About KV Okha, Gujrat

The Vidyalaya started functioning from July 1984.

The year was 1984, the month July . The edifice of this great institution laid. K.V. Okha had come "to be". One more Vidyalaya added to the congregation called KVS. Since then its march has been a passionate saga of ambition, vision, commitment and life. It has seen a tussle between hope & despair, a yawn here and a hiccup there. These best of daunting circumstances only came to inspire, to soldier on with faith and courage. First day, first building, first staff, first principal and first batch of students all so special - Like one’s first love. Eager to know where the history of K.V. Okha began.

Today K.V.Okha , INS dwarka is strong with 23 staff members occupying an exclusive niche on the National KVS map.